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Instant Rollback

Instant Rollback is a way to quickly revert to a previous production release. This can be useful in situations that require a swift recovery from production incidents, like breaking changes or bugs.

Instant Rollback in action Instant Rollback in action

The rolled-back changes include the code, your app’s environment variables and the configuration used for the previous release. This gives you a complete rollback of app configuration and code, instead of just reverting code like some other platforms do.

How To Perform Instant Rollback

To initiate an instant rollback:

  1. Go to the project’s detail page by clicking on the project on the dashboard home page. You’ll find the Instant Rollback button on the project detail page.

Production deployment

  1. Click the Instant Rollback button. This should bring up a confirmation dialog with details about the release and a button to confirm you want to roll back. You can see information about the commit associated to the release, when it was deployed, and other information.

Rollback dialog

  1. Click the Continue button if you want to proceed. This will trigger an instant rollback event and update the GitHub deployment status as it progresses.